Real Estate Entities

Real estate is a powerful wealth-building asset, and you need the right experienced partner to help you succeed. As an investor or property manager, you know that there are a lot of moving parts to real estate accounting – including a myriad of transactions and state regulations. Real estate bookkeeping is all about organization.

Members of our real estate services team have diverse backgrounds from a variety of disciplines to assist you in creating and preserving wealth through real estate ownership. We partner with our real estate clients to plan and execute strategies that will maximize the monetary return on their investment, and we work with many areas within the real estate sector including:

HUD Real Estate
Section 42 Programs
Various State Agency Programs
Commercial Office Real Estate
Management Companies

Our real estate services team actively advise clients in all aspects of real estate ownership, including:

Capital structure
Operations and dispositions
Partnership allocation provisions and promote profit analysis
Debt structuring

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